Electric Suitcase


  • [Design] Ergonomic handle design, comfort feeling, One-second transform into scooter, gear adjustable design, Applicable to different body height, thousands heavy load stretch tests, long life endurance
  • [Portable] Our products make your travel more convenient, Intelligent products, so that you no longer have to worry about towing heavy luggage, Applicable to users under 90kg, You can save you time and travel in a small space
  • [Bluetooth Audio Function/Smart APP]: APP can display data such as riding speed, distance, gear position, etc, making cycling more interesting, Bluetooth audio allows you to enjoy music anytime, anywhere (PC-ABS material,TSA coded lock)
  • [Replaceable Lithium Battery]: battery is easy to disassemble, 185w/h meets daily commute (Original car with battery Life 10-13 km)
  • [Mobile Charging Station]: External USB charging port, you want to charge anytime, anywhere, suitable for mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices

Our Input

At first you see this and think "hey that is pretty clever". Then you think "How fast can I get it to go on those flat escalators?". Us too...Us too.