Bag Butler

Bag Butler
Bag Butler Bag Butler Bag Butler

Bag Butler

  • You will be a happy customer if you read entire description BEFORE ordering. Fill leaf bags in less than a minute! Just rake leaves & debris right into the bag. No bending over. No touching leaves or debris. Bag Butlers® make filling plastic trash bags a one person job. (keep reading for paper bag info) Textured finish is easy to clean. Use it year round in the yard, camping, recycling, picnics, field events (it's like a folding portable trash can), in the shop....anywhere, anytime you use trash bags. Made from solid, heavy duty 100% Recycled plastics (not corrugated plastic or cardboard). Comes assembled, no parts to loose, Patented, stores flat, lasts years. Easy to use...just pull side panels up & around creating tension, slip into bag, and release. Bag Butler's spring like action instantly pops the bag wide open so you have both hands free to do the job. Stand it up to empty your grass catcher, or lay it down to rake leaves and debris right into the bag. Save with 2 & 3 packs on Amazon. Shipping dimensions are listed in the description above, when used actual size is 24" x 20" x 10". Size of opening will change with different size bags used. 30 gallon bags work best for filling upright like a trash can. The larger 33-42 gallon bags work best for raking directly into the Bag Butler laying on it's side. Will hold a paper leaf bag open for laying down on the ground to rake into the bag, but the dust pan edge will curve a little because of the smaller diameter of paper bags. NOT recommended for using upright in paper bags. Easy to use, just pull the panels all the way around in the OPPOSITE direction before inserting it into the bag. This creates the tension needed to hold a bag open. If you don't the Bag Butler will just fold flat to it's original stored position and it will not hold the bag open. Just make sure the Bag Butler Logo is facing you while pulling up the side panels. See video at bagbutler dot com.

Our Input

Raking leaves and scooping them up into a bag is rough, so spend a little money and get a butler...a Bag Butler...see what we did there.

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