Wireless Charging Station

Wireless Charging Station
Wireless Charging Station Wireless Charging Station Wireless Charging Station

Wireless Charging Station


LANIAKEA® Qi Wireless Charger as a Safe Fast Portable Charging Station Pad - Enjoy your free limitless life experience 

Product Features 
Safe, Fast charging, Low temperature, High efficient, Universal Qi compatibility design. 
Shape Outstanding. Unique design as a transparent UFO/ET spaceship. 
Non-slip ring set in the charging area can prevent phones sliding, and non-slip pads to avoid charger sliding. 
Charging LED Indicator Area will light up with breathing light when charging. 
Aim LED Indicator will light up in the middle of the charger area when the charger is well connected to power supply. 
Minimize design with lightweight, small shape size. 

Note: Please read over the user manual before starting use. 

- Apple iphone (iphone6, iphone6 plus, iphone5s, iphone5c, iphone5, iphone4/4s) 
- Samsung Galaxy (Galaxy S6 edge, S6/S5/S4, Galaxy Note Edge, Note4/3/2, Galaxy A7/A5/A3, Galaxy E7, Galaxy GRAND/Prime/ALPHA/ACE/MEGA/CORE) 
- Nokia Lumia/X 
- Google Nexus 
- LG Nexus/Optimus, LG G4/G3/G2 
- HTC One ME/M9/M8/E9/E8, HTC Desire/Butterfly 
- Moto X/G/E/XT 
- Amazon Fire 
- Qi Smartphone or non-Qi Cellphone with QI Charging Receiver 
- Other all Qi Standard Compatible Devices 

Procudt Specification 
- Input: 5V/2A 
- Output: 5V/1A 
- Charge Efficiency:≥73% 
- Transmission Distance:≤8mm 
- Wirless Charging Standard: Qi 
- Wirless Charger Weight: 80g 
- Wirless Charger Size: D100 x 9.5mm 
- USB line length: 120cm 

Package Included 
1x LANIAKEA® Qi Wireless Charger (including Wireless Charging Station Pad x 1, USB cable x 1, User manual x 1) 
1x LANIAKEA® Microfiber Cloth (Free Gift)

Our Input

There are a lot of different wireless charging stations out there but this one has an odd name and they put the entire product description in the title so they win...actually they just are very affordable. Not exactly wireless you have to attach a device to your phone first but after that no more

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