USB Polygraph

USB Polygraph
USB Polygraph

USB Polygraph


Want to make your friends sweat? Looking for the latest party entertainment? Or just need the truth out of someone? The hBARSCI USB polygraph kit can help you weed out the crooks from the saints using the same technology administered in professional polygraphs*. 

This kit is designed to demonstrate the principles behind what's used in real lie detection. Witness your friends or students' pulse and skin conductivity levels fluctuate in real-time using PC or Mac software to a series of questions. The kit is completely plug and play and requires no more than attaching the sensors to the subject, hooking it up to a computer, and asking the most incriminating questions you can muster up. Everything you need to begin interrogating comes in this kit: a skin conductivity sensor, a pulse sensor, USB interface module, time tracking paper, and an instruction manual to walk you through your first polygraph examination step by step.

*While it may be the same sensor data captured... this will not make you a professional "lie detector" by any stretch of the imagination. Real lie detection takes years of training and professional equipment.

Our Input

Relationships are based on trust, so what better way to ensure trust than testing your partners honesty to any question you ask. Be warned we have no idea how accurate this is and cannot be responsible for any awkward/angry conversations erupt from using this device.

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