Myo Gesture Controlled Armband

Myo Gesture Controlled Armband
Myo Gesture Controlled Armband

Myo Gesture Controlled Armband


Introducing the Myo Armband

The Myo armband reads the electrical activity in your muscles and the motion of your arm to let you wirelessly control technology with hand gestures. A community of developers, hackers, and makers are creating applications that will unlock the Myo armband's potential, and transform how we interact with technology.

Our Input

The Future is Now, this device extends virtual reality to another degree. Now you can control devices and gadgets with hand motions and gestures. 

Anki Drive

Forget slot cars these are way better. They use advance sensors and stay on the track with out electric circuits. Oh and you can shoot other cars to slow them down.


Sniper Detection System

If you have SniperScopaPhobia (No it is not a real phobia name) then you may want to shell out to get this little box that apparently can detect snipers or atleast some of their gear.


Osmo Gaming System

Get hands on with this awesome app that lets you play without touching the screen.


Seek Thermal Imaging iOS Camera

Thermal imaging is just cool, but unfortunately cameras that can do it are very expensive. While seek is not cheap it is much more affordable.


Floating Speaker Orb

Looks like a floating R2D2...Take Note JJ Abrams cause that would be awesome...Very cool concept definitely a conversation starter.



Electric Art

They say there inspiration came from a desire to utilize the internet to make something creative...but we all know it was the moving pictures in Hogwarts.


Google Glass

One more step closer in finally becoming as sayan warrior for Frieza. The Google Glass lets you augment reality and *hopefully* one day be able to measure your opponents ki.


Gigs 2 Go

USB drives are becoming more and more like floppy's and now you can even write on them to let people know what they are.