Hanging Clothes Dryer

Hanging Clothes Dryer
Hanging Clothes Dryer

Hanging Clothes Dryer

Mudder multifunctional dryer is magic for housewife and traveller, you don't worry how to care your clothes, just one button.


TWO WIND PATTERN: cold wind nurse clothes and heat wind dry clothing
UNIQUE AIR DUCT DESIGN: inner air outlet provide 70% wind and each outlet undertake 15% wind
OPERATING TEMPERATURE is below 60℃ for drying your clothes more safe , It Simulate the natural dry environment to care your cloth
INTELLIGENT SWITCH: when the machine enters the hot air mode, it will work continuously for 3 hours and then automatically converted to cooling mode
COLLAPSIBLE HANGER: the hook is folding and the air outlet is demountable, it is convenient for you to carry
THOUGHTFUL ACCESSORIES: two clips is free and one exquisite sack


1. The first use , long term no use, and during the damp, make the machine run about 10 minutes to drying machine when re-using
2. After clothes hang to attach, you shall organize the clothes before applying power
3. The use of this product is 3 months or up to 30 times, need to be disassembled the machine and clean the air outlet


Mainframe Diameter: 42×18×16.9 cm
Power: 110V/ 50Hz
Power Voltage: 150W
Plug line length: 1.8m
Laundry clothes maximum loading: 1 KG IN WET STATE
Clothing care maximum loading: 2KG IN NORMAL STATE
Package list: 1× main engine, 2×air ducts, 2×clips, 1×flocking bag

Our Input

Really clever way to dry a wet shirt quickly, hangs in the closet and will dry and unwrinkle your wet clothes. Plus it just looks cool!