Bluetooth Gamepad for Smartphones

Bluetooth Gamepad for Smartphones
Bluetooth Gamepad for Smartphones

Bluetooth Gamepad for Smartphones

Same NES Touch, Same NES Feeling
Support IOS, Android and Mac Windows.
Best for Touch Screen Devices.
Upgradable Firmware.
Programmable Keys.
Dual-Mode Support:

Bluetooth keyboard and touch screen simulation.

Touch screen simulation:

Pure touch screen games? No problem.
NES30 touch screen simulation mode can deal with it ease.
Just drag and drop to map the key. Best for touch screen fighting game
Compatible with iOS, Android and Mac OSX , Windows devices

No Jailbreak? Jailbreak?
No problem, NES30 support All of them.
Exclusive Xtander design

stand up your touch screen device and play with ease.
NES style, best fit with NES30 GamePad, I will become a X Mech Warrior
NES 30th Anniversary GamePad Edition

retro design, same touch, same feeling.
original pushing button feeling
designed by professional company.
NES30 was born for games
Multiplayer on iOS with Dual keyboard code system.

NES30 GamePad Bluetooth, exclusive provide dual keyboard code
that two NES30 can connect to one iOS device support multiplayer.
More players, double funny.
Double players support find out the

happy memory of your childhood.
You are not alone, just play with your best old friend.

Our Input

Finally a way to utilize that emulator you installed on your phone. This Bluetooth retro gamepad allows you to feel like a kid again on your very own smartphone.