DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot

DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot
DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot

DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot

  • DEEBOT D77 is an advanced robotic vacuum system integrated with a detachable handheld canister vacuum providing you with 3 dimensional cleaning ability.
  • DEEBOT D77 robot automatically cleans all types of bare floors whether it is wood, laminate or marble. It has 4 cleaning modes, an agitator brush, dual side brushes, slim design.
  • DEEBOT D77 automatically empties its own dust bin, automatically recharges itself when the power gets low and has multiple sensors to avoid obstacles and stairs, and comes with a remote control.
  • DEEBOT D77 has intelligent time scheduling so you can program your robot to clean even if you are not at home.
  • DEEBOT D77 includes a detachable handheld supersonic canistser vacuum with 12 attachments.

Our Input

The Roomba is probably more technically advanced with it's scanning but the DEEBOT has a canister that it automatically empties into after it finishes its cleaning. Which is pretty awesome in our opinion.

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