Rearview Mirror with Built-in Dash Cam

Rearview Mirror with Built-in Dash Cam
Rearview Mirror with Built-in Dash Cam

Rearview Mirror with Built-in Dash Cam

  • Record Full HD 1080P high resolution video with loop recording. Turns on automatically when car engine is on.
  • 2.7" large display can be switched off while driving. The feature of Zoom +/- allows the driver to zoom in or out for capturing footage of a car's license plate.
  • Dimming mirror automatically filters the strong back lighting from the rear of the car.
  • Enlarged mirror surface gives drivers better viewing angle of the rear.
  • Motion Detection Mode: When parked, the device will detect motion and start to record video.

Our Input

Now you can have video evidence for every accident your are in (assuming it is not your fault of course). This handy little mirror/cam clips onto your existing rearview mirror, its bigger, its better, its too much for mr....wait where was I going with that.

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