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Save hundreds on gas

Get personalized feedback on your driving in real-time and after you drive.

Compare your drive score with friends, family and other Automatic users.

Get low fuel warnings and how many miles you have left in the tank based on your driving.

Never forget where you parked. No Manual check-in required.

24/7 crash response

Automatically get help and notify loved ones if you're in a crash.

Full-service crash alert agents, available 24/7.

No subscription fees.

Diagnose your engine light

Decode and clear your check engine light. Be empowered at the mechanic.

Save a trip to the mechanic if it's something you can fix, like a loose gas cap.

If it's serious, you'll know what you're talking about at the mechanic.

License+ for teen drivers

Coach your teen to safe driving with the License+ program. Teens select a coach, typically a parent. Drivers earn badges for mastering driving skills, such as highway driving, night driving, etc, and earn a virtual medal to certify completion of the 100-hr program.

Ensure your newly licensed teen driver is safe, while providing them space to learn on their own.

Do-Not-Disturb while driving

Drive safer by eliminating distractions from your phone.

Our Android Do-Not-Disturb feature automatically silences incoming texts, notifications, and phone calls when you drive.

It can even auto-reply to phone calls with a text message to let them know you’re driving.

Our Input

OBDII are very helpful and contain a lot of information the issue is the average person can't access it. Well with the Automatic Link you can. This connects to your OBDII and feeds your phone/pc with a wealth of information about your car.

goTenna Free Text and GPS

Really it's a way to use your mobile devices without service but great for when you are traveling in remote places.


Pin Hole Screw Camera

As cool as this is I am pretty sure no good will come from this, cheap price for gross invasion of privacy.


PowerUp Paper Airplane

Literally everything is getting smarter today. From toilets to yes even paper airplanes. However this little guy can provide hours of fun for all ages even comes with a guidance app!



We love guitars but when you live in the city moving around with one is rough. Luckily this mini electric guitar lets you jam out without taking up all your space.


Prank Pack iDrive

Make your friends or families jaw drop with this gift packaging. Watch as they sputter out things like "Can't be legal...", "Who would make these things...". Instantly turns a dull gift into a welcomed present.


Anki Drive

Forget slot cars these are way better. They use advance sensors and stay on the track with out electric circuits. Oh and you can shoot other cars to slow them down.


Sniper Detection System

If you have SniperScopaPhobia (No it is not a real phobia name) then you may want to shell out to get this little box that apparently can detect snipers or atleast some of their gear.


Osmo Gaming System

Get hands on with this awesome app that lets you play without touching the screen.