Ollie: The Robot

It is controlled by your phone and can really move! its top speed is 14 MPH which doesn't sound like much but that is faster then most people can sprint.


Leap Motion Virtual Device

This uses advanced technology to similuate your gestures into precise movements on screen. Very cool device we are pretty sure it was invented by gnomes, or the keebler elves.


Executive Car Desk

If commuting by car is a good part of your daily routine than this is a must. It is a power inverter/phone holder/laptop holder/filing cabinet all in one. It takes the place of your passenger and it will never complain about the radio station.


Periscope Lazy Glasses

Read while lying down without ever picking up your head. Perfect for the ultimate slacker. You can even use it to watch movies on your phone! No more neck aches!


Sentry Personal Gaming Environment

Finally take your favorite consoles with you anywhere you want. Perfect for airport layovers and downtime between classes. 


Ginormous TV

Its over 8 feet wide. Bigger than my current kitchen. It's curved, 4k and just awesome.

10 Billion Dollar Computer Mouse

Sadly they have updated the price to a reasonable number on Amazon. But let this stand as a relic that the 10 Billion Dollar mouse did once exist.


Hanging Clothes Dryer

Really clever way to dry a wet shirt quickly, hangs in the closet and will dry and unwrinkle your wet clothes. Plus it just looks cool!

Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

The biggest drawback to going wireless is the stupid batteries, they always seem to die when you have no extras around. This pretty much eliminates that issue all together. No wires, no replaceable batteries, pure awesomeness.

Washable Keyboard

We have all used those cans to get rid of the debris from the keyboard but this is soooo much better. make your keyboard look like new instantly with just some water, also get rid of those non-digital sticky keys.

Laser Keyboard

Just about the most science fiction thing we have seen. You can now create a keyboard on any surface. it uses light sensors to determine which key you are pressing and is compatible with all devices that allow keyboards.

Bamboo Keyboard

It's a keyboard made out of Bamboo, if that is not enough to make you want it than we don't know what will.

Solar Window Charger

Really useful on an airplane. Just stick it to the window and watch it charge your devices. So now you can play your games on really long plane flights without worry about needing a charger plug. Probably useful for other stuff too.

SpareOne Long Lasting Phone

This phone last a longtime and uses a AA battery to operate. It can call 911 without the need of a sim card. This is a perfect emergency phone for your car or disaster kit. Heck we even take it hiking with us just in case.

Parrot Drone

Okay we know its pricey but is also the best. This drone is easy to use and makes it feel like you are actually flying.

Spot Satellite Communicator

Lost in the amazon need to send a text to someone to come rescue you? With Spot Connect you can text from anywhere on the planet without cell service. Spot connects with your phone to send messages through Satellite communications. Now you can always be reachable!!!