The Man's Apron

Real men BBQ and those men wear SWAT team aprons because...okay real men do a lot of stuff and don't always grill but give this to your father in-law and you will probably earn some brownie points.


3D Mouse

Animators and Graphic Designers rejoice. Now you can create beautiful 3D art and graphics even easier. This uniquely designed device allows modelers to have better control in their enviroments. Also it looks really cool.


Wand Remote that Controls Your TV

Telo ESPNora, that is right you can now control your TV and other devices like a real wizard. just gesture and point. Also really cool thing to show off at your next Super Bowl party.


USB Polygraph

Relationships are based on trust, so what better way to ensure trust than testing your partners honesty to any question you ask. Be warned we have no idea how accurate this is and cannot be responsible for any awkward/angry conversations erupt from using this device.


Waterproof MP3 Player - For Diving

Now you can listen to your favorite Led Zeplin (Let's face it they are all great) song 10 feet below water. This are tailored to every diver and swimming enthusiast out there who just can't live without their tunes.


Mobile Theatre Video Glasses

Experience a 52 Inch screen right before your eyes. That is right with this little gadget you can isolate yourself just a little bit more from reality with these.


SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell

More like a digital peephole with a bell as well. The Sky Bell is teh better of the types of gadgets. It allows you to see who is at your door from anywhere in your home.


MyQ Open Your Garage w/ Your Phone

Another step in completely automatic everything in your life via your phone its MyQ it communicates with your phone to open the garage door. No more worrying about changing the batteries in those small remotes from yester year. 


360 Degree Camera by Ricoh

A 360 Degree Panaromic Camera by Ricoh. A compact new way to take paneramas that your advanced phone just can't do unless you have an app that can do that then this is utterly pointless.


Your Own Wall-E Called MiP

It doesn't talk but it makes sounds and gestures just like Wall-E and can be controller by your phone. It will entertain anyone even Wall-E.


Professional SLR Lens for your Phone

Don't spend thousands of dollars on the newest Cannon or Nikon, You already have a more powerful device in your pocket now you just need this lens to make it epic.


Myo Gesture Controlled Armband

The Future is Now, this device extends virtual reality to another degree. Now you can control devices and gadgets with hand motions and gestures. 


USB Rechargeable Batteries

I always forget to recharge my batteries and I also never have the charger need by when I need it. This are great cause I almost always have a usb port nearby that can charge them. What a fantastic idea!


Zipbuds No More Tangles

Earbuds are great but they always get tangled. Now with zip buds you can get the cord length just right and no more tangles when not in use.


Waterproof/Freezeproof HD Camera

No more cases now you can take video under water or under ice! This JVC camcorder is fantastic very robust and high quality HD. 


Rearview Mirror with Built-in Dash Cam

Now you can have video evidence for every accident your are in (assuming it is not your fault of course). This handy little mirror/cam clips onto your existing rearview mirror, its bigger, its better, its too much for mr....wait where was I going with that.