Hard Drive Duplicator

Ever wondered how spies can download data from a hard drive in a matter of minutes, well this is why a hard drive duplicator. Not exactly spy size but it will copy up to 14 GB a minute.


Wireless Charging Station

There are a lot of different wireless charging stations out there but this one has an odd name and they put the entire product description in the title so they win...actually they just are very affordable. Not exactly wireless you have to attach a device to your phone first but after that no more


Sandisk iXpand

A way to transfer data easily without the need of the cloud or wires. Great way to free up space on the run or backup photos from your trip.


Tascam iPhone Recorder

This has been around for a few years, as indicated by its outdated connector, but for anyone who has work in the audio or film industry tascam recorders can be a life saver, and now you can get one for a very low price.


Echo by Amazon

Echo by Amazon, however you call it Alexa so go figure, is a new step in the connected home as now your home can be listening to you all the time...well atleast for the hotword anyway. But don't worry if your house already has an Alexa in it you can just call it Amazon.


Quirky Spotter Sensor

This multipurpose sensor, lets you monitor motion, sound, light, temperature, and humidity from your smartphone. You can apply it to alot of applications doesn't require any other tools just a phone


Nest Cam

It is quickly becoming evident that Nest will win the smart home war. There newest addition Nest Cam is a great device to monitor your home, who needs ADT when you have Nest.


HD Binoculars

The ultimate stalker tool. Not only can they zoom to a great distance and see objects crystal clear. They can now record them, so be sure to close your blinds.


3D Printer by Robo

There are a lot of 3D printers out there and many of them are good. We like this one because it has good reviews and is fairly priced. Plus we like being able to say let me get my Robo.


Phone Soap

Our phones get pretty dirty, I mean we even take it into the bathroom with us when we do our business (we know you do too). Phone Soap charges and sanitizes your phone cause we know you are too lazy to clean it yourself.


Shark Ice Cubes

Dah Dum............Dah Dum......Dah Dum.....Dah Dum...Dah Dum,


DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot

The Roomba is probably more technically advanced with it's scanning but the DEEBOT has a canister that it automatically empties into after it finishes its cleaning. Which is pretty awesome in our opinion.


Automatic Link

OBDII are very helpful and contain a lot of information the issue is the average person can't access it. Well with the Automatic Link you can. This connects to your OBDII and feeds your phone/pc with a wealth of information about your car.


Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles have been around for a while but for the most part have been far to expensive for the common consumer. While these are still expensive they are full blown night vision goggles and will make you feel like a cold war spy...now you just need your Agent 99.


iCade - Arcade Systems for iPad

Finally a cost effective way to get an arcade system in your home without trying to push it across a NYC street like frogger. All you need to play it is a really expensive mobile device, so yeah there is still that.


Neat Receipt Scanner

Most people just throw receipts and documents away. However they can be extremely important, with Neat Receipts you can now store all your receipts in the cloud prior to trashing them.