Tactical Strike Balls

Tactical Strike Balls
Tactical Strike Balls

Tactical Strike Balls

The Tactical Balls RID-3 rolling illuminated distraction and disorientation devices were designed for use by police officers with no specialized training when you need a little something to get the bad guys attention to focus away from you. Small, lightweight, water resistant, and shock resistant, they are concentric and weighted so they will wobble and spin all around when rolled or tossed into a room, then land light up to backlight the bad guy. The bad guy gets distracted and this buys you time to make your move. Tactical Balls RID-3 were never intended to replace flashbangs. We have a saying at Brite Strike, that on a scale of 1 to 10, with a flashbang at a 10, we would rate the Tactical Balls RID-3 at a 2. But a 2 is still twice as good as nothing! For entry to an area that has flammable material, Tactical Balls RID-3 is the answer. We get a few people that ask why we did not make the Tactical Balls RID-3 strobe, particularly when our Tactical Touch switch with HI/LO/Strobe is so effective. The simple answer is that you do not want to be looking at a strobe light when you enter. The spin and wobble that is built into the Tactical Balls RID-3 creates the same effect, then stops just in time for you to make your entry into a dark room.

Our Input

Need to storm a warehouse but don't have anything to distract your foes with? These Bright Strike tactical balls are easier to use and an effective way to distract your opponent.

Portable Tent Stove

Probably meant for a yurt, but I am sure with a little ingenuity you could fit it into a normal tent without burning it down. Perfect for winter camping when you don't have to backpack.


Snow Scooter

We had something like this when we were kids called the thrasher. It was fast, deadly and wicked fun.


Cyclops Snow Goggles

Sadly they don't let you fire laserbeams, but they are terrific snow goggles with all sorts of features. plus they look cool.


Bag Butler

Raking leaves and scooping them up into a bag is rough, so spend a little money and get a butler...a Bag Butler...see what we did there.


Floating Pool Canopy

Feel like a true celebrity in your very own floating canopy. Sadly you will have to supply your own pool boy to dote on you.


ZBoard Electronic Skateboard

Pushing your self with your foot is so 1985. Welcome to the future, taking the only excersise out of skateboarding with just the push of a button. Okay it is more complex than that and pretty cool.


Grill Daddy

Grills get really messy and cleaning them is pretty terrible. Enter Grill Daddy the perfect grill cleaner and it looks pretty awesome. 


Klymit Lite Raft

"Hey Tommy quick playing with your dinghy!" Yeah this probably couldn't support Tommy Boy but it will support most everyone else, great for minimalist hikers and survival enthusiast.