Thorfire Accordion Lantern

It doesn't play music but it can still light up a room. Although it would be awesome if it could play some polka.


This is an ingenious product. It is a small inflatable lantern that can be used as a distress beacon. it is small enough to carry in your pocket but inflates to the size of a small throw pillow. Oh, it is also solar powered so it can work like...forever!

JetBoil Instant Cooker

Carrying pots with you to cook your can of beans can be very annoying and bulky. JetBoil is a compact way to cook those beans in Microwave time.

A Lantern that Splits Apart

What is better than a traditional lantern! 4 traditional lanterns! This is actually a really great product. allows you to take one lantern without the need for a bunch of flashlights.

Super Rugged Backup Battery Pack and Charger

Throw it, Drown it, but don't burn it cause it is not that rugged. But it will survive the rest to a normal extent.

Ultra-Compact Camping Stove

Tired of carrying large stoves with you on hiking campouts? Than this is perfect it is small enough to literally fit in your coat pocket. Just bring the fuel and you have an instant stove to cook on.

Simple Klean Awesome Water Bottle

Its not fancy, but it is awesome. This water bottle is easy to drink from and strong and durable. We use it all the time it is great for everything.

Sawyer Water Filtration System

Clean water is very important especially when backpacking through the Amazon. This filtration system is great it cleans as you drink making it perfect for any situation.

Grip Cone

Absolutely love this product. Brilliant design and perfect for training and coaches. Nothing is worse than having a ball knock over a cone and having to jog to the other end of the pitch to fix it...stupid grip less cones.

Power Pot

This just makes an item most campers need anyways better. It takes the heat from the boiling water and turns it into energy to charge your device. not as powerful as the BioLite but hey why not have both.

Collapsible Kettle

We love this one, it is simple yet handy. When you want to boil water on a camp out you have limited options if you don't want to bring a large pot. This is a perfect solution it folds into itself when not in use and can hold a good amount of liquid when expanded.

BioLite Wood Burning Charger

This is just brilliant and it almost made the frozen category. It uses twigs and sticks to sustain the fire and will even ignite it using its own rechargeable battery. The fire will produce energy that can be used to charge devices.

Chain Saw Mill

IF you ever want to mill your own wood right in your backyard now you can. This attaches to your chainsaw and can cut large pieces of logs and trees into usable building material.

Car Bed

Ever tried to sleep in the back of a car. It's uncomfortable and it sucks. The inflatable car bed solves that problem and gives you a comfortable place to sleep in your tiny car.

Folding BBQ Grill

We love tailgating but lugging that grill around sucks. With the folding grill tailgating has become so much easier and convenient. Good quality and just an awesome idea.

ORU Collapsible Kayak

Love to kayak, live in a small apartment or dorm room? Then this is the right gadget for you. It is a sturdy but easy to collapse kayak that was featured on Shark Tank!!!