Human beings the only animals that spent millions of years evolving to walk and then immediately began coming up with new ways not to. This is one of them, its a Segway without handles essentially.


Shark Wheel

They reinvented the wheel, by removing more of it and twisting it slightly. Apparently there was some science behind it but from what we can tell they look like they wobble but they feel smooth to ride on.


Micro Quad Lantern

And we thought the quad lantern couldn't get any better, but we were wrong now you can get a mini version of it. Which means it probably doesn't light up an area as much so technically it is not better...but it is cooler.


Smart Ball by Adidas miCoach

Wearables are great but for sports that involve using a ball they aren't enough. Adidas has created a really expensive soccer ball that very few people need to solve this dilemma. Now you can tell just how powerful your kick is!


Orbit Wheels

To Quote Chandler Bing 'Not Suitable for Adults', these awesome wheels are a new kind of skate that realyl is for the younger generation. 


Water Knee Hockey Rink

Slip n Slides are great but Slip n Hockey is probably more dangerous and just as fun. Kids and frat boys rejoice you can now play hockey right in your backyard just get a hose and some water a Wham-O hours of fun is created. Oh you also need to buy this too.


Doggie Fountain

That is right no more rain water from that bowl you left out last summer and never brought in. Your dog can drink fresh hose water with this nify little paddle fountain. 


Wood Stove Hot Tub

Okay it will take longer to heat up but it also means it won't cost as much to run. Just a few things of wood and some water and you got yourself a hot tub anywhere you want. 


BBQ Dragon Grill Starter

Start your grill like a man, with this clip on glorified blow torch. It will fire those coals up in an instant and freak out anyone nearby becuase again it's a flame thrower.


Aeris Jetpack Scuba Bag

Okay it is NOT a JetPack, the Jet is for airplanes and it is a bag you can take on airplanes when you want to go scuba diving but don't want to bring all that annoying stuff. But you still need a tank so...there's that.


Hövding Airbag Helmet

This advanced helmet auto deploys when it senses a collision is immenent. The Helmet cerates a hard airbag that protects your head against injury. Just check it out on youtube


Self Balancing UniCycle

Ever wanted to try a unicylce but hate falling down over and over again. Then get the Self Balancing Unicycle it will stay upright while you just enjoy the ride.


Uberfire - Waterproof Fire Starter

Uberfire is an emergency fire in your pocket. It is waterproof and will start with just one spark. So if you are ever trapped in the middle of nowhere and need to stay warm this will atleast help you start a biger fire.


Most Comfortable Beach Lounger

It like a massage chair for the beach. Incredibly comfortable, this chair is ergonomic and allows you to tan each side of you perfectly while you read your favorite book.


Inflatable Hot Tub

Really this is an affordable hot tub, it does everything you can ask for but it can be removed and stored in the winter to avoid damage. Also every seat in the tub is comfortable.


Gold Knife by M-Tech

You can't be the man with the golden gun, but you can be the man with the golden knife. But it's not really gold sorry.