Portable Tent Stove

Probably meant for a yurt, but I am sure with a little ingenuity you could fit it into a normal tent without burning it down. Perfect for winter camping when you don't have to backpack.


Snow Scooter

We had something like this when we were kids called the thrasher. It was fast, deadly and wicked fun.


Cyclops Snow Goggles

Sadly they don't let you fire laserbeams, but they are terrific snow goggles with all sorts of features. plus they look cool.


Bag Butler

Raking leaves and scooping them up into a bag is rough, so spend a little money and get a butler...a Bag Butler...see what we did there.


Floating Pool Canopy

Feel like a true celebrity in your very own floating canopy. Sadly you will have to supply your own pool boy to dote on you.


ZBoard Electronic Skateboard

Pushing your self with your foot is so 1985. Welcome to the future, taking the only excersise out of skateboarding with just the push of a button. Okay it is more complex than that and pretty cool.


Grill Daddy

Grills get really messy and cleaning them is pretty terrible. Enter Grill Daddy the perfect grill cleaner and it looks pretty awesome. 


Klymit Lite Raft

"Hey Tommy quick playing with your dinghy!" Yeah this probably couldn't support Tommy Boy but it will support most everyone else, great for minimalist hikers and survival enthusiast.


Pool Mattress

A really big inflatable mattress...yeah that is all we got...oh and the model is not included.


Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

Not really a scooter, more like a big fan that you just hang on to. In any case it is really cool, and takes the effort out of actually moving your arms to dive. Another point for inventions by laziness.


8 Person Island Raft

Who needs a yacht to have an ocean party, with teh Floating Island you can enjoy the ocean luxury without breaking the bank.


DarkFin Webbed Glove

Sad you weren't born with webbed hands, well now you can get artificial ones. The Dark Fin Gloves are just that webbed gloves, which would really help complete your Aquaman costume...wait who wants to be Aquaman.


Tie Knot Water Balloon Filler

Summer is here which means water balloon fights are in season. Tie Knot is designed to give you the advantage against your foes, cause everyone knows reloading your water ammo is the most common cause of getting soaked.


Bicycle Glow Cage

Just Add Water...No really the glow cage by Topeak uses the liguid in your water bottle to boost illumination with a small light affixed to the bottle cage. Very simple but pure genius. 


Hydrocoach Smart Bottle

Is there anything we are not making "smart". The Hydrocoach teaches you how to keep hydrated, if you ge dehydrated easily or passout at random times you may actually want this.


One Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter

Apparently everything is going to be self balancing in the future aqnd this is not really a scooter but the self balancing uni-cycle was already taken. Still we think this is really awesome but a little expensive.