Swash At Home Dry-Cleaner

Swash At Home Dry-Cleaner
Swash At Home Dry-Cleaner

Swash At Home Dry-Cleaner

- Allows garments to look their best in as little as 10 minutes. So say goodbye to excessive washing, drying, ironing and dry-cleaning. (Heavier garments may require 15 minutes)

- Because caring for your clothes is expensive. With the SWASHTM system, you can wear your clothes more often between cleanings. (By using the SWASH system in place of some dry cleanings)

- The SWASH system is gentle and doesn't wash away dyes or cause pilling or fading, so you can actually extend the life of your clothes.

- Removes light wrinkles for a clean look

- The SWASH system is great for denim, wool, polyester, lycra, and cotton fabrics, as well as hard-to-care-for favorites like cashmere, sequins, delicate beading and lace.

-The SWASH system is not recommended for leather, velvet, suede, silk, and fur.

Our Input

Need to clean and press your shirt before an interview? Don't have time to go to the Dry-Cleaner than this is the gadget for you. The Swash de-wrinkles and cleans clothing quickly with out the need for all the hassle.