J Pillow - Best Travel Pillow Ever

J Pillow - Best Travel Pillow Ever
J Pillow - Best Travel Pillow Ever

J Pillow - Best Travel Pillow Ever

  • UNIQUE PATENT PENDING design and winner of the British Invention of the Year 2012/2013
  • STOPS HEAD FROM FALLING FORWARD while sleeping with ingenious chin support, while at the same time supporting your head and neck in the perfect position from the side. It's like lying down while you're sitting up!
  • REALLY HELPS you to get uninterrupted sleep when TRAVELLING long haul, or in the car, or on train or coach journeys
  • ALSO GREAT FOR USE at HOME when relaxing on the sofa or in bed. Or if you have to sleep upright in bed for medical reasons or post operation
  • EASY TO CARRY, this super soft plush pillow folds down smaller than an average "U" shaped pillow, it can be squeezed in the smallest of spaces or it can be clipped onto hand luggage with the handy snap-loop fastener. The whole pillow is MACHINE WASHABLE

Our Input

It looks weird, but it is actually very useful it can compact easily, and it accomodates all the important sleeping positions in those uncomfortable plane /train seats.

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