Miracle Fold

Miracle Fold
Miracle Fold Miracle Fold Miracle Fold

Miracle Fold


Finally a laundry MIRACLE! With the MiracleFold you will never again dread the house chore of laundry folding. Actually, folding laundry might even become something you look forward to! The MiracleFold is so easy and so much fun to use that even your kids and spouse will love folding, which in and of itself is a MIRACLE! The MiracleFold will fold your shirts, garments and laundry, evenly and uniformly all the time in just FIVE EASY STEPS. The MiracleFold will also save you hundreds of hours of folding so you can enjoy doing the things you love more! like spending more quality time with your family. The MiracleFold will turn your closets, shelves and drawers into a MIRACLE of organization! Your shelves will always look professional; your shirts and garments tidy and crisp. The MiracleFold is beautifully and masterfully designed, featuring a “no slip” back, retro shaped apertures, and dedicated hand slots. The MiracleFold is manufactured using the best quality material; tough but smooth plastic, so that it never requires any maintenance or repair, is very easy to clean and will last a lifetime. The MiracleFold takes up close to ZERO storage space, and you can even hang it anywhere you want by using the built in hanging slot. As a matter of fact, we are so proud of this MIRACLE that we even provided it with its very own MiracleFold hanging hook! So hanging it on your laundry room wall or closet door is a no brainer and makes it even more accessible when you need it. The MiracleFold comes in beautiful colors and new colors will be added constantly. The MiracleFold makes a great gift item for the people in your life; they won’t stop thanking you for the MIRACLE gift that won't stop giving! So let’s go MIRACLE; get your laundry MIRACLEIZED and have fun doing it all at the same time!

Our Input

No they don't make one for fitted sheets (stupid impossible to fold sheets), however this was used by Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory so that is something.

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