Lie Flat Office Chair

Lie Flat Office Chair
Lie Flat Office Chair

Lie Flat Office Chair


VIVA Office, the professional office furniture supplier, now provides a great variety of excellent office chairs including ergonomic desk chair, task chair, executive & managerial chair, and more. With the combination of global intelligence, high quality material, reliable performance, and world class ergonomic design, VIVA keeps bringing best sitting experience to customers all over the world! 

All VIVA office chairs have passed the BIFMA testing standards for all applicable features. 

VIVA 08501, the typical high back ergonomic recliner swivel nap chair, has height adjustment and adjustable depth lever reclining incremental footrest, helping everyone feel a little more relaxed 

Black, 27.2*29.5~66.9* 45.7~48 / 29.9~32.3 inches, and net weight is 54.6 pounds. 


-High back ergonomic bonded leather recliner swivel napping chair with height adjustment and adjustable depth lever reclining incremental footrest 

-Padded headrest, reclining back angle control, and Built-in lumbar support 

-Swivel mechanism with heavy duty Nylon casters, and chrome base. 

-Has leather upholstery with padded arms that bring added support to help everyone feel more relaxed 

Our Input

Probably couldn't convince your company to buy these but you might be able to smuggle it into your office. Everyone knows you need a good 3PM nap forget those stupid energy nothign beats a nap.

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