Infinity Soap

Infinity Soap
Infinity Soap

Infinity Soap


Piggyback your bars to eliminate the dreaded soap sliver! 

Regular bar soaps dwindle into tiny slivers that nobody enjoys. STACK soap solves this with a unique cupped design that helps piggyback each sliver onto the next fresh bar. STACK's specially shaped groove and grippy, raised lettering hold the two bars tight and merge them together as one. Eventually when this new bar becomes small, simply repeat the process with a fresh bar.

Congratulations! You've started a waste-free Infinite Cycle of Soap.

Our Input

How can an object that loses matter each use be infinite. Well it is kind of like Heisenberg's Uncerntainty Principle, actually wait no it is nothing like that...hang on let us ask Sheldon.

Bean Bag Chair and Bed

No more air mattresses and a bean bag that doesn't leak. We can get behind this.


Baby Shusher

Save your breath, no literally no you can Shush your baby the easy way!


Awair Air Monitor

Let's face it no matter where you are your homes air quality isn't the best. However most people have no idea what is in their air. Await changes that by helping educating you on what's wrong and what needs fixing.


Soma Plant Based Water Filter

Forget those chemicals in your Brita filter, try Soma! It will filter your water through mother nature, the end result is exactly the same but you will feel better about yourself.



Lumio is a book lovers dream, you can read by the light of another book. It is also very clever, and will and a wow factor to any room you place it in. 


Ultimate Security Bar

Don't trust those flimsy deadbolts? Worried about people kicking open your front door? No okay well then just get this so you can lock that annoying roommate in the bathroom when he is late for class.


Umbra Wall Organizer

A minimalists dream. This organizer holds mail and your keys, but unlike other organizers this is magnetic.


Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

Pouring drinks is hard..."There has to be a better way!", If you haven't seen the Friends episode with Joey's infomercial go and do that now and this device will be that much better.