Hibernate Sleep Mask

Hibernate Sleep Mask
Hibernate Sleep Mask Hibernate Sleep Mask Hibernate Sleep Mask

Hibernate Sleep Mask


Get the sleep you need fast and stay asleep longer with the brand new, revolutionary, sound-reducing and patent pending Pitch Black Hibermate sleep mask. 

Product Benefits: 

• The Hibermate sleep mask is a super-comfortable, luxury eye mask with removable super-soft ear muffs especially designed to be slept with. It makes a great gift! 

• The ear muffs are made from very soft, medical grade silicone (now thicker and more sound absorbent) and have been updated with sound-reducing super-soft ear cushions... 

• Single band sleep masks can slip either up or down at the back or come off when you're sleeping, so we designed an innovative, dual-strap sleep mask which helps the mask stay comfortably in place all night long and ensure full adjustability. 

• The Hibermate is comfortable if you sleep on your side (we do recommend a softer pillow for side sleepers), your back or your front and if you're travelling or meditating (sitting upright). 

• They're perfect if you're a shiftworker, or about to travel, or simply if you're trying to sleep in noisy situations

• Please note, although more comfortable, the Hibermate is not as effective at reducing noise as ear plugs or industrial, hard plastic ear muffs

• It's super-important when wearing the ear cups to try and ensure they're sealed against your skin. If you have long or thick hair, try and place the cups underneath your hair as best you can. Like on all ear muffs, cups placed over thick hair will let lots of sound through. 

• We've tried to strike a balance between comfort and sound blocking with the Hibermate! 

• All aspects of the new 2015 Hibermate have been proudly conceived by USA & Australian design partners.

Our Input

It is pretty basic but also very clever. On an airplane earplugs are pretty terrible (if you ever forgot to take them out before landing you know why) These little sleep mask is a great solution it can block out noise but is also comfortable.

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