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Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls

Lights can be easily turned off at sleep time with Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls. The portable balls glow when the lights are out. This night light is multicolored and interactive. It also has removable GLO balls that glow beautifully in the dark. These balls are not electronic. They can be used by kids or even tucked in with them in the bed. The balls don't become hot or break.

Why You'll Love It: The GLO fades after 30 minutes making it easy for kids to fall asleep.

  • Multicolored, interactive nightlight
  • Doesn't heat up or break
  • Glow fades after 30 minutes so kids can sleep

Our Input

This gadget is very clever. Rechargeable balls of light that you can take with you off the lamp stand. Perfect for grabbing a snack from the kitchen or for a child to use the bathroom.