Bed Fan w/ Wireless Remote

Bed Fan w/ Wireless Remote
Bed Fan w/ Wireless Remote

Bed Fan w/ Wireless Remote


Circulates air under the sheets to disperse built-up body heat and keep you comfortable all night long.

  • Great for couples with different temperature preferences, naturally warm-bodied people, and for alleviating night sweats
  • Sends a breeze over the body rather than the entire houseGCoturn off the AC and save on cooling costs 
  • More effective and efficient than traditional cooling methods, which only affect the air outside the sheets 
  • Adjustable height clears thick to ultra-thick mattresses on a variety of bed frames
  • Wireless remote is backlit upon touch, has variable speed, and sits on the nightstand for easy-to-reach adjusting

Bed Fan: a better way to cool off at night!
Kicking the sheets to the end of the bed? Try Bed Fan. It tucks between the top and bottom sheets to cool your bodyGCothe source of the heatGCoinstead of the entire house so you can save on cooling costs. Bed Fan disperses built-up body heat with a cool, refreshing breeze between the sheets.

Perfect for couples with different preferences!
Some people sleep hot under only a sheet. Others want layers of blankets. And there are others who sleep hot and coldGCotheyre often convicted in the morning of stealing the covers or kicking them to the bottom of the bed. Bed Fan to the rescue. It sits at the foot or side of the bed and keeps cool, fresh air moving between your top and bottom sheets. Position the Bed Fan to one side, or in the middle for both sleepers. Or buy twoGCoone for each of you. Choose your level of cool with the wireless remote.

Bed Fan's wireless remote sit

Our Input

Getting to hot under those sheets? Luckily somone invented a very onscure device just to solve this problem. A fan that shoots air under your sheets, just turn it on by the push of a very large button.

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