Do Not Forget Door Knob

Don't leave home without it. This door hanger will help remind you to mail that mortgage check or take your passport with you for the flight. 


Faucet Temperature Gauge

Any parent who gives their kids baths knows the importance of getting the water temperature right. The hand test is great but not always accurate. With this little device you can be sure the water is perfect everytime.


Bed Fan w/ Wireless Remote

Getting to hot under those sheets? Luckily somone invented a very onscure device just to solve this problem. A fan that shoots air under your sheets, just turn it on by the push of a very large button.


Nest Protect Smoke Detector

Things just got real. Nest can now replace those boring smoke detectors. Also no more trying to figure out which detector is beeping in the middle of the night.

Nest Generation 2

The have worked out the bugs and made it better. Now is the best time to get in on the smart house revolution. Plus it is cool.

Thermal Leak Detector

Great for determining the temperature of objects at a distance. We measured our dog at a healthy 95.2 degrees.

RubAway Bar Removes Smells

Washing your hands with soap to remove that onion smell is so 2012. This magic infused metal bar will remove odors in an instant no water necessary!

Fresh Patch (Grass for your Home!)

Ever miss that feel of grass underneath your bare feet! Well maybe not but your dog probably does, so get grass mailed to you (not that kind of grass). Yes this is a real product.

Handheld Paper Shredder

Probably only useful in a handful of instances but for under 20 bucks it is still pretty cool. I mean you can just use your hands but this makes neat strips so yeah there is that.

Waterproof Notepad

Now when you get that million dollar idea during your shower you can write it down and it won't just wash away! Honestly though a lot of good ideas have come to us in the shower, like circular hot dogs.

Magnetic Kitchen Towel

What took them so long! We have had magnets and towels for decades and they just thought of this. Shame on you world shame on you!

SureFeed Catfeeder

This links to your cats ID and auto dispense food to them. Unnecessary? Proabably. Cool? Definitely

Bathtub Caddy

Spending hours taking a good soak just got even more pleasant. Drink your wine, read your book and enjoy the aroma coming from that scented candle as you just RELAX...

Staple-less Stapler

So pretty much what they are telling us is that we have been paying for staples for years for no reason!...stupid staple maker conspiracy.

Retractable Fan

If you hate the look of those protruding blades of the fan you got from Home Depot than look no further now you can simply have a pendant lamp like look hanging from your ceiling when the fan is not in use.

Self Stirring Mug

All of us have thought man I just wish there was a way to stir my coffee/cocoa easier...Ok maybe not but this is still pretty cool albeit unnecessary.