The Ostrich Pillow

We think it makes you look more like the Elephant Man than an ostrich but we see their point. This pillow is probably the most versatile pillow out there but you will look ridiculous wearing it...of course you won't be able to see so who cares.


The President's Desk

You're already the President of your own domain, why not have a desk that signifies that. This Replica Resolute desk will make anyone feel like the democratic equilavent of a king. 


Digital Meat Thermometer

I have only used a meat thermometer for cooking a turkey, but I suppose it could be improved with digital technology. Okay I really don't know if you would ever use it. 


Marauder's Map Rug

Let your Potter out by displaying this Marauder's Map Rug proudly on your living room or dorm room floor. 


Lie Flat Office Chair

Probably couldn't convince your company to buy these but you might be able to smuggle it into your office. Everyone knows you need a good 3PM nap forget those stupid energy nothign beats a nap.


Key Holder w/ USB Built In

A great way to carry all your keys and that usb drive that is always getting in the way when you try and unlock the door. ..or is that just me, stupid USB drive I got in High School only 128MB...I mean buy this its awesome.


Eco Smart Water Heater (Tankless & Gasless)

There are a lot of tankless water heaters on the market but this one is electric and actually works. No gas means this can be used in any home where there is electricity (sorry Amish). 


Infinity Soap

How can an object that loses matter each use be infinite. Well it is kind of like Heisenberg's Uncerntainty Principle, actually wait no it is nothing like that...hang on let us ask Sheldon.


J Pillow - Best Travel Pillow Ever

It looks weird, but it is actually very useful it can compact easily, and it accomodates all the important sleeping positions in those uncomfortable plane /train seats.


Butter Slicer

We really like butter, And a perfect slice of butter makes an ordinary piece of toast extraordinary. Okay its just butter but it is a nifty gadget.


Lumo Lift

Have bad posture? Like sitting on weird bouncy ball like things. Than just get this little device and BAM your posture is fixed. It's actually a little more complex than that but we thing our explanation is better.


Magic Butter Knife

Ever tried spreading cold butter on a piece of bread. Well it stinks, and it will ruin your bread. But not anymore this butter spreader works on warm or cold butter to perfectly spread it on any piece of bread.


Towel Warmer

Love that spa like feeling of warm towels against your face. Now you can enjoy that in the comfort of your own home. This towl warmer warms multiple towels and is only the size of a hamper.


Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

It would be better if the laser cut the pizza, but we are guessing that is a lawsuit just waiting to happen. Instead you can atleast get a perfect slice every time. 


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Just get it, your morning will never be the same. Actually forget that use it for every meal that is what we do.


Clip On Strainer and Pourer

Straining pasta can be annoying you can use a strainer or you can try and master the lid straining technique that will once in awhile land all your pasta in the bottom of the sink. We recommend you just use this instead. Good for pancakes too!