Bean Bag Chair and Bed

No more air mattresses and a bean bag that doesn't leak. We can get behind this.


Baby Shusher

Save your breath, no literally no you can Shush your baby the easy way!


Awair Air Monitor

Let's face it no matter where you are your homes air quality isn't the best. However most people have no idea what is in their air. Await changes that by helping educating you on what's wrong and what needs fixing.


Soma Plant Based Water Filter

Forget those chemicals in your Brita filter, try Soma! It will filter your water through mother nature, the end result is exactly the same but you will feel better about yourself.



Lumio is a book lovers dream, you can read by the light of another book. It is also very clever, and will and a wow factor to any room you place it in. 


Ultimate Security Bar

Don't trust those flimsy deadbolts? Worried about people kicking open your front door? No okay well then just get this so you can lock that annoying roommate in the bathroom when he is late for class.


Umbra Wall Organizer

A minimalists dream. This organizer holds mail and your keys, but unlike other organizers this is magnetic.


Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

Pouring drinks is hard..."There has to be a better way!", If you haven't seen the Friends episode with Joey's infomercial go and do that now and this device will be that much better.


Portable Motion Sensor LED Light

It is pretty hard to find that light switch in the dark especially when it is in your closet. The OxyLED light is a great product that turns on when it detects motion! Yeah it is better than the clapper.


Quirky Smart Air Conditioner

Not everyone has the luxury of having central air conditioning, so if you have to get a unit might as well make it the coolest (pun intended) unit out there. 


Miracle Fold

No they don't make one for fitted sheets (stupid impossible to fold sheets), however this was used by Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory so that is something.


Pacifier Thermometer

We have never tried to use a thermometer on a baby but we are guessing they don't like them, but they do like pacifiers so VOILA someone made a pacifier that is a thermometer. Boom problem solved!


Broom w/ Bristle Cleaner

Finally you no longer have to get all that hair and dust off the broom with your hands. Why did it take so long for someone to make this. 


Hibernate Sleep Mask

It is pretty basic but also very clever. On an airplane earplugs are pretty terrible (if you ever forgot to take them out before landing you know why) These little sleep mask is a great solution it can block out noise but is also comfortable.


Transbag: The Scooter Suitcase

At first you see this and think "hey that is pretty clever". Then you think "How fast can I get it to go on those flat escalators?". Us too...Us too.


Touchless Toilet

Considering the amount of germs in a bathroom it is amazing it has taken us this long to have a touchless toilet. Although you do still have to sit down, unless you prefer squatting.