Geek Gifts

Pocket Cannon

Wage war on your coworkers, make sure they know the punishment for not putting a cover letter on their TPS report.


Agent of Shield Badge

Not sure why a secret government agency has badges that let you know who they are and who they work for but it does help complete the cosplay.


Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Okay Force Awakens better be good...insanely good anything else will just dissapoint with all this hype. But atleast the toys will awesome either way.


Agent Coulson's Captain America Cards

These replica Captain America trading cards from The Avengers are pretty sweet. They even have the blood stains from when Coulson dies. Yeah that is a little creepy.


X-Men: Magneto Helmet

Harness the power of Magneto...well actually you would just be stopping Professor Xavier's mind control but hey it's cooler than a tin foil hat.


CPU Wars

Computer Nerds rejoice a game dedicated to your favorite passtime...Computers! Finally you can settle the debate which is better the AMD Athlon XP or the Intel Pentium III. 


Back To The Future License Plate

You may not be able to afford a real Delorean but throw this baby onto an old MR2 and you will look pretty close. Okay not really but it will still be really cool. Also it is a fake plate so don't put it on your real car...unless it has a flux capacitor


Moldy Sandwich Bag

Nobody likes going to let to find out someone ate there delicious turkey sandwich with a moist maker. This will deter anyone although they may also just throw it out...probably safer as a gag gift.

Moldable Plastic

Similar to kinetic sand this can mold into any shape and won't stick to you. Great for creative children and bored adults. It will keep you entertained for a while.

Kinetic Sand

Sand that sticks to itself but not to you! This is fantastic we first saw it at Brookstone and played with it for like an hour. Kids and Adults will love this as a gift.

Han Solo Carbonite Shower Curtain

Embrace your Star Wars geek and get naked every morning behind the Han Solo shower curtain...that really creates a horrible image we're sorry.

Darth Vader Force Glove

Freak out your friends, command the elements with this force glove. It can pull and repel objects (as long as the y are magnetic). Great gift for kids and Star Wars fans.


This is fun for all ages, no pesky pellets or darts needed you can fight with just air or just be a nuisance to your coworker in the next cubicle.

Zelda Mug

Perfect for the caffeine addicted old school gamer in your life. It will bring back fond memories of an 8-bit paradise with every sip.

The 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Unlock doors, destroy robots, hack computers all with the power of sound. Okay not really, but it is a great gift idea.

The Doctor's Fob Watch

A Gallifreyan masterpiece this Fob watch contains the power to transform any Time lord into a completely normal human. Carry this in your pocket and make people wonder if you are The Doctor in disguise?