Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair Zero Gravity Massage Chair Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Black chair (for other colors see our entire line of chairs by clicking on our name SOLD BY
  • IN ADDITION, this chair also provides:­
  • 30 MINUTE UNINTERRUPTED MASSAGE? YES! From 5 to 30 minute head to toe massages you will love. You choose the time that best fits your needs. The real humanized massage hands with 3­D intelligent detect and longer massage times like the 30 minute massage will give you more time to relax and enjoy your massage without having to mess with the remote for a full relaxing uninterrupted massage. A TOTAL OF 14 Types of Massages combinations can be set. 4 GREAT AUTO PROGRAMS LIKE "ACTIVATE" MODE­ PERFECT FOR THE MORNING OR ANYTIME YOU NEED A LITTLE WAKEING UP OR NEED A DEEPER STRONGER MASSAGE. "RELAXATION" MODE­ PEFECT FOR WHEN YOU JUST WANT TO WIND DOWN AND RELAX AND "UPPER BACK" "LOWER BACK" MODES­ PERFECT FOR WHEN YOU NEED TO HIT THOSE SPECIFIC AREAS AFTER A LONG DAY.RETAIL $2,499.99, 66% Off Retail PriceOUR BEST VALUE MASSAGE CHAIR TO DATE !!!
  • NEW LUXURY SHIATSU MASSAGE CHAIR MODEL -IDEAL­CHAIR PERFORMANCE:FOUR­WHEELS DRIVEN MUTED BACK MASSAGE HANDS MECHANISM WITH VERTICAL MOVEMENT.YOU CAN ADJUST THE VERTICAL POSITION OF THE MASSAGER AT ANY POINT OF YOUR BACK YOU WISH,UP AND DOWN FROM THE VERY LOW BACK TO YOUR NECK.REAL HUMANIZED MECHANISM MASSAGE HANDS INTELLIGENT 3­D DETECT, FUNCTIONING WITH 4 MASSAGE FUNCTIONS: Shiatsu, Spinal Rolling (Back Stretch) & Kneading& Vibrating.MANUAL and AUTOMATIC AUTOMATIC MODE, will give you multi­functional automatic massages with different combined massaging methods. You can massage the whole body, the shoulder, neck, the back, and the waist. MANUAL MODE, you take control and can adjust the back rollers at any point on you back or neck you would want. You also have full control to adjust the type of massage, the width, speed, strength, airbags modes, vibrators, etc.Each massage function has three­level speed options.SHOULDERS AIR MASSAGE is mounted with four air bags, the ARMS AIR MASSAGE is mounted with twenty four air bags, and provides six air­massage combinations, with 2 intensity levels.SEAT MASSAGE (buttocks and hips) is mounted with four airbags as well.CALVES MASSAGE is mounted with eight airbags. FOOT MASSAGE is mounted with eight airbags as well AND in addition, this great chair comes with 6 simulating kneading balls which are located in the soles of the feet to add stronger and deeper massages to those daily tired areas, including your foot pressure points which effects on organs like: liver, heart, kidney, head, eyes, pancreas, thyroid glands, gallbladder, trachea, neck and shoulders. This massage is commonly called
  • This chair comes with BUILT­IN HEAT THERAPY in the BACKK.By the way, this chair massage function STARTS with an AUTOMATIC SHOULDER­BACK FULL SCANNING PROGRAM which determines your EXACT BODY SIZE and then, be able to provide a unique personalized massage.You will get a fully healthy massage from your NECK and SHOULDERS, to your COMPLETE BACK and WAIST, to your BUTTOCKS, THIGHS, CALVES and FOOT (this is what we mean by "full body massage")It is like having a personal masseuse on call 24 hours a day!!! Now you can treat yourself to the soothing pleasures ofa real massage along your spine, calves, feet and more. MASSAGE TYPES:a) Rolling: When moving up and down, it functions like the fixed­point of revolving finger(s) pressed by a professionalmasseuse for a more direct and effective massage.b) Kneading: Reduces muscle pain and helps work out knots.c) Shiatsu Results: Power rollers are used to give you the experience provided by a professional masseuse, relaxing stressed muscles, reducing fatigue, and rejuvenating the mind and body. d) VIBRATORS, at the Seat Cushion. Feels great combined with the rollers at the back!!! The Vibration massage function stimulates the dilation of blood vessels. This helps create an elimination of impurities and toxins in your blood, tissues and organs.

Our Input

Everyone knows you only go to Brookstone to sit in the massage chairs, and yes they are amazing. But now you can own one just like it for a fraction of the price. Sunday afternoons never looked so good.

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