Hot Tub w/ Stationary Pool

Hot Tub w/ Stationary Pool
Hot Tub w/ Stationary Pool

Hot Tub w/ Stationary Pool


Integrity Spas' Grand Cayman Dual-Zone Swim Spa captures everything you love about a swimming pool and spa at a fraction of the cost. Over 19' long, our Grand Cayman features four powerful Turbo Swim Jets, each powered by a 6HP wet end pump that produces 237 gallons per minute of current! The Turbo Swim Jets can be adjusted to provide a gentle current, perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises, to a strong current that will challenge serious swimmers. After exercising in the swim spa, slip into the hydrotherapy hot tub where perfectly placed jets rejuvenate sore and tired muscles with a fantastic hydrotherapy massage. Our Grand Cayman Dual-Zone Swim Spa features the best of both worlds including dual Lounge Seats and a jet intensive Captians Seat with reversere molded neck jets! If you are looking to add entertainment to your hot tub experience, add the optional 15" LCD TV DVD/Stereo System to complete the ultimate package! Our Grand Cayman Dual-Zone Swim Spa is a MASSIVE spa featuing an incredible list of standard features including: Water Level LED Mood LightingHALO LED Perimeter LightingStainless Steel Jets Dual Lighted Water Column Fountains and more, STANDARD!

Our Input

Who doesn't want a hot tub you can also swim in! Okay it is a little pricey and probably cost a fortune to keep heated...but come on you really do want one.

World's Tiniest Violin

Finally you can actually play the world's tiniest violin. That joke just went up a whole new level.


Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

Perfect for halloween, these non-toxic...atleast we hope...nail polish can accent any creepy outift you come up with.


The Love Game

36 Questions that make you fall in love with someone. Yep that is what they advertise, probably good to memorize to see if any tries them on you during a date and then promptly call them out on it.


Ice Ball Maker

Cubism is out, Spherism is the new thing and these round ice balls are the perfect solution. They will spice up any drink...okay maybe just the conversation around it.


Easy S'mores Maker

Now you can make S'mores from the comfort of your own kitchen. Simply combine the ingredients and put it in the microwave. 


Enormous Slip N' Slide

Its 75 Feet of pure slippery fun, If you have the space and the water this is a great party product, especially for little kids...okay for college kids too, just don't drink and slide.


Personal Sauna

What better way to copmlete your bathroom than a 2-person infrared sauna. Its afordable, relaxing and just plain awesome.


Cat Exercise Wheel

Yeah it is as stupid as it sounds. I don't know we aren't big cat lovers maybe it is useful, but does it really need to have a pink option?