Digital Measuring Tape

The measuring tape just got more interesting...yep we siad it. This digital measuring tape gives you a precise readout of the tape. Pretty much buy this if you suck at reading a measuring tape.


Jumping Stilts

No that is not a typo now you can jump 7 feet high and run 20 miles an hour. Sure it looks very unsafe but man is it cooler than those stupid 80's moon boots.


Hot Tub w/ Stationary Pool

Who doesn't want a hot tub you can also swim in! Okay it is a little pricey and probably cost a fortune to keep heated...but come on you really do want one.


Bondic Plastic Welder

It looks like a long led light but it actually works. It melts plastic to repair a variety of cracks and breaks. 


Inflatable 35 Foot Long Obstacle Course

Completely unnecessary but honestly we thought it would cost a lot more for something this big and awesome. The problem is where to store it when not in use.


Prop Money

Make it rain! Or make your friends think you are loaded with this stack of prop $100 dollar bills. Look rich without even trying.


Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

Watch it from your pool, Watch it from your deck, Watch it here, Watch it there, Watch it anywhere. Because it is 12ft tall and is insanely awesome 


EasyGo Pro

Finally pooping done right, and here we thought the toilet routine couldn't be improved. Squatting is the new way to go literally

3D Stereoscopic Pen

3D printers are so yesterday this will help you create 3D objects right out of thin air! We don't know how it all works only that it does and it is awesome!

USB Aquarium

Break the loneliness of working in your cubicle, get a fish and now you don't need a huge tank to do it. The desktop aquarium is power by USB but we still don't know how you filter it...

Air Drumsticks

So much for saying you don't have room for a drumkit, now your kids or friends can drum anywhere they want...and trust us they will...everywhere...its cool and extremely annoying.


Yes it is as ridiculous as it looks, but it still really cool. Because few of us want to always lug a golf umbrella with us all the time this is compact, lightweight and serves the same purpose albeit it looks much weirder.

Foosball Coffee Table

The only Coffee table you will every need. This Foosball coffee table looks great and plays great too! Challenge your friends to endless hours of fun then throw so books on it to make the room look all grown up again. It is the perfect Hybrid.

Hydrogen Reactor

Brunton developed a personal Hydrogen reactor. While it is still a new product we can't help but applaud them for the idea. You can do anything with a Hydrogen Reactor

Inkless Pen

No more ink smears on your paper, no more running out of ink when you need to write that quick note. The inkless pen is as futuristic as it sounds. Freakout your friends at the office ad they try to figure out how it works!!!