USB Rechargeable Batteries

USB Rechargeable Batteries
USB Rechargeable Batteries

USB Rechargeable Batteries


The USBCELL has been designed for real-world ease of use. By opening the cap and plugging into any powered USB port, you can recharge pretty much anywhere there's a USB socket. By making it easier to recharge batteries we can help the environment: easier recharging means more frequent use, which means fewer disposable batteries get made and thrown away.

In a powered USB socket, USBCELL should take about 5 hours to charge to over 90% of capacity, sooner if the battery was only partly depleted. Thanks to the intelligent charging circuitry of USBCELL, it's OK to "top up" or just partially charge USBCELL if you need the power in a hurry; NiMh batteries aren't affected by partial charging or 'memory' problems, unlike Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries. As with most rechargeable NiMH batteries, you may find that maximum capacity is reached only after a few full charge and discharge cycles.

USBCELLs can be used in any electronic device that takes AA batteries: from MP3 players and noise-canceling headphones, to wireless gaming controllers, to remotes, digital cameras, flashlights and more. The USBCELL can help protect the environment (and save you money) by reducing the amount of waste batteries, and both the packaging and the USBCELL itself can be recycled.. If used properly, you should be able to recharge a USBCELL about 500 times before they lose a significant amount of their capacity. 

And not only can USBCELLs be charged by your powered USB ports, they can also be charged in a standard approved 250 mAh recharger. With more choices for power sources, you need never be without AA power readily at hand ever again.

Our Input

I always forget to recharge my batteries and I also never have the charger need by when I need it. This are great cause I almost always have a usb port nearby that can charge them. What a fantastic idea!

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