Sniper Detection System

Sniper Detection System
Sniper Detection System

Sniper Detection System


About the Newcon Optik LAS 1000 The Newcon Optik Sniper Detection System is capable of detecting various passive optical and electro-optical devices such as binoculars, night vision devices, weapon sites, range poles, datum optical markers and leveling rods equipped with optical reflectors. Utilizing an eye-safe laser scanner, LAS-1000 detects lenses and reflectors in its line of site even if these objects are covered behind bushes, windows or windshields. Detector can be handheld or mounted on a tripod. An operator examines the area in the same way as it would be done with a common binoculars. When an optical reflector of any kind is detected, its position is marked with a red dot visible through the viewfinder of the LAS-1000. For added convenience, an audio signal can be activated. The detected object's distance from the detector is then measured, displayed and can be spoken. Newcon Optik LAS 1000 Includes Newcon Optik Sniper Detection System Soft Carrying Case Lens Cleaning Cloth Manual Newcon Optik Warranty Newcon Optik LAS 1000 Specifications Laser Type 910nm Measuring Range Minimum 100m Maximum Up to 2,000m Angular field of View 6° Exit Pupil 5.7mm Eye Relief 22mm Distance Measuring Accuracy ±10 m Target Position Measuring Accuracy 0.1°x 0.1° Detection Zone (Horizontal x Vertical) 0.1°x 1.8° Scanning Speed Up to 45° per second Optical Magnification 7x Diopter Adjustment ±4 Operating Temperature Range 20 to +50°C / -4 to +122°F Transportation Temperature Range 40 to +65°C / -40 to 149°F Environmental Protection Shockproof, Waterproof Power source 6xAA Dimensions 185 x 175 x 95mm / 7.28 x 6.88 x 3.74" Weight 2 kg / 0.9 lbs

Our Input

If you have SniperScopaPhobia (No it is not a real phobia name) then you may want to shell out to get this little box that apparently can detect snipers or atleast some of their gear.

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