goTenna Free Text and GPS

goTenna Free Text and GPS
goTenna Free Text and GPS goTenna Free Text and GPS goTenna Free Text and GPS

goTenna Free Text and GPS


Bluetooth Low-Energy (BTLE) wirelessly pairs goTenna to your smartphone within approximately 20 feet. Long-range radio waves (151-154 MHz) radios and depends on terrain and elevation; up to 1 mile in urban settings and 4 miles in most outdoor terrain
Use your iOS or Android phone to send texts & share GPS locations when there's no cell coverage or wifi available
goTenna creates its own off-grid network with other goTenna users in the area
Send private 1-to-1 & group chats or broadcast to all users nearby
Free goTenna app includes free, detailed offline maps for any region in the world
Sold in pairs

Our Input

Really it's a way to use your mobile devices without service but great for when you are traveling in remote places.

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