LED Turn Signal Gloves

LED Turn Signal Gloves
LED Turn Signal Gloves

LED Turn Signal Gloves


Designed in California, by a Google Engineer. Zackees is the best cycling glove money can buy. Period.

Fall in love with a cycling glove

What sets Zackees apart for the competition? Design, value and brightness! We are shaking up the cycling world by making your hands glow hot with light. Come join the community of safer cyclists, who discover what it's like to truly share the road with vehicles. The bright light on your hand is activated by the contact rivets between your index finger and thumb. When activated, the LED arrows outputs 54 lumens of super bright orange light. There is no other glove that emits more light than a Zackees Turn Signal Glove.

Auto-Adjusting Brightness

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves features an ambient light detector that will detect whether it's day or night. During the day brightness is boosted 4x.

Rechargeable Coincells

We are one of the first products to use rechargeable coincells. You won't believe how much power they pack in such a tiny package! We provide four batteries and a charger. Batteries last three weeks with a moderate daily commute.


These gloves are machine washable, it is not necessary to take out the electronics. Hang dry.

Your satisfaction with this product is 100% guaranteed, or your money back.

Zackees in the news

"A savior for riders all over the planet " - CNBC.

"A pair of gloves could save your life." - The Huffington Post

DigitalTrends: gave us their Editors Choice Award.

The Wall St. Journal: named us the top product to car-ify your bicycle ride.

Our Input

Every city biker knows the Yellow Ones don't stop. They also don't pay attention to your hand signals. Now you can annoy them further with LED signals in your hands. Great at night especially in high traffic areas.

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