Heat Core Jacket

Heat Core Jacket
Heat Core Jacket

Heat Core Jacket

Gerbing Core Heat Womens Soft Shell Jacket - Conquer high speed and wind with the Gerbing Core Heat Softshell Jacket. This is the most advanced softshell vest on the market today. The Coreheat7 Thermovelocity material gives you multilayer protection from the wind. There is in-pocket heat control so you can get the proper amount of heat to keep your body warm from the cold weather. A water resistant weld chest pocket gives you a place to store some smaller accessories and this jacket embodies you with warmth, keeping the heat in and sealing out the elements. Stay warm and toasty with the Gerbing Core Heat Softshell Jacket. . Exterior Material: Coreheat7 Thermovelocity, Insulation Weight: Not Specified, Taped Seams: None, Warranty: Lifetime, Battery Heated: Yes, Race: No, Type: Softshell, Jacket Fit: Regular, Length: Medium, Insulation Type: Synthetic, Waterproof: Not Specified, Breathability: Not Specified, Waterproof Zippers: No, Wind Protection: Yes, Warmth Factor: Warmer, Model Year: 2014, Product ID: 346320, Model Number: JKCHS2WBK-S, GTIN: 0875166005776

Our Input

Get cold all the time, then you need your own thermostat, or atleast a jacket with one. That is right this will keep you warm at the touch of a button.

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