Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Self Balancing UniCycle

Ever wanted to try a unicylce but hate falling down over and over again. Then get the Self Balancing Unicycle it will stay upright while you just enjoy the ride.


Jumping Stilts

No that is not a typo now you can jump 7 feet high and run 20 miles an hour. Sure it looks very unsafe but man is it cooler than those stupid 80's moon boots.


Waterproof/Freezeproof HD Camera

No more cases now you can take video under water or under ice! This JVC camcorder is fantastic very robust and high quality HD. 


Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

It would be better if the laser cut the pizza, but we are guessing that is a lawsuit just waiting to happen. Instead you can atleast get a perfect slice every time. 


Elsa's Dress from Frozen for Adults

There are alot of Elsa costumes out there, but this one actually looks really good. We think people should get this and the Anna one for there sister. Perfect Halloween treat/gift.


Batman Pajamas for Adults

This is so cool its almost Frozen. This throwback 90's style batman pajamas includes a cape. Perfect for that man in your life who is really just one big nerdy kid. 


Hot Tub w/ Stationary Pool

Who doesn't want a hot tub you can also swim in! Okay it is a little pricey and probably cost a fortune to keep heated...but come on you really do want one.


Uberfire - Waterproof Fire Starter

Uberfire is an emergency fire in your pocket. It is waterproof and will start with just one spark. So if you are ever trapped in the middle of nowhere and need to stay warm this will atleast help you start a biger fire.


Rearview Mirror with Built-in Dash Cam

Now you can have video evidence for every accident your are in (assuming it is not your fault of course). This handy little mirror/cam clips onto your existing rearview mirror, its bigger, its better, its too much for mr....wait where was I going with that.


Ollie: The Robot

It is controlled by your phone and can really move! its top speed is 14 MPH which doesn't sound like much but that is faster then most people can sprint.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Just get it, your morning will never be the same. Actually forget that use it for every meal that is what we do.


Clip On Strainer and Pourer

Straining pasta can be annoying you can use a strainer or you can try and master the lid straining technique that will once in awhile land all your pasta in the bottom of the sink. We recommend you just use this instead. Good for pancakes too!


Do Not Forget Door Knob

Don't leave home without it. This door hanger will help remind you to mail that mortgage check or take your passport with you for the flight. 


Most Comfortable Beach Lounger

It like a massage chair for the beach. Incredibly comfortable, this chair is ergonomic and allows you to tan each side of you perfectly while you read your favorite book.


Bondic Plastic Welder

It looks like a long led light but it actually works. It melts plastic to repair a variety of cracks and breaks. 


Inflatable Hot Tub

Really this is an affordable hot tub, it does everything you can ask for but it can be removed and stored in the winter to avoid damage. Also every seat in the tub is comfortable.