Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Myo Gesture Controlled Armband

The Future is Now, this device extends virtual reality to another degree. Now you can control devices and gadgets with hand motions and gestures. 


Magic Butter Knife

Ever tried spreading cold butter on a piece of bread. Well it stinks, and it will ruin your bread. But not anymore this butter spreader works on warm or cold butter to perfectly spread it on any piece of bread.


RunPhones - Bluletooth in a Headband

Running in the cold is already hard enough, running with wires is worse. This nifty invention not only keeps your ears warm it also lets you run free with the music you love. 


USB Rechargeable Batteries

I always forget to recharge my batteries and I also never have the charger need by when I need it. This are great cause I almost always have a usb port nearby that can charge them. What a fantastic idea!


Zipbuds No More Tangles

Earbuds are great but they always get tangled. Now with zip buds you can get the cord length just right and no more tangles when not in use.


Hövding Airbag Helmet

This advanced helmet auto deploys when it senses a collision is immenent. The Helmet cerates a hard airbag that protects your head against injury. Just check it out on youtube


Towel Warmer

Love that spa like feeling of warm towels against your face. Now you can enjoy that in the comfort of your own home. This towl warmer warms multiple towels and is only the size of a hamper.


Self Balancing UniCycle

Ever wanted to try a unicylce but hate falling down over and over again. Then get the Self Balancing Unicycle it will stay upright while you just enjoy the ride.


Jumping Stilts

No that is not a typo now you can jump 7 feet high and run 20 miles an hour. Sure it looks very unsafe but man is it cooler than those stupid 80's moon boots.


Waterproof/Freezeproof HD Camera

No more cases now you can take video under water or under ice! This JVC camcorder is fantastic very robust and high quality HD. 


Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

It would be better if the laser cut the pizza, but we are guessing that is a lawsuit just waiting to happen. Instead you can atleast get a perfect slice every time. 


Elsa's Dress from Frozen for Adults

There are alot of Elsa costumes out there, but this one actually looks really good. We think people should get this and the Anna one for there sister. Perfect Halloween treat/gift.


Batman Pajamas for Adults

This is so cool its almost Frozen. This throwback 90's style batman pajamas includes a cape. Perfect for that man in your life who is really just one big nerdy kid. 


Hot Tub w/ Stationary Pool

Who doesn't want a hot tub you can also swim in! Okay it is a little pricey and probably cost a fortune to keep heated...but come on you really do want one.


Uberfire - Waterproof Fire Starter

Uberfire is an emergency fire in your pocket. It is waterproof and will start with just one spark. So if you are ever trapped in the middle of nowhere and need to stay warm this will atleast help you start a biger fire.


Rearview Mirror with Built-in Dash Cam

Now you can have video evidence for every accident your are in (assuming it is not your fault of course). This handy little mirror/cam clips onto your existing rearview mirror, its bigger, its better, its too much for mr....wait where was I going with that.