Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

BBQ Dragon Grill Starter

Start your grill like a man, with this clip on glorified blow torch. It will fire those coals up in an instant and freak out anyone nearby becuase again it's a flame thrower.


360 Degree Camera by Ricoh

A 360 Degree Panaromic Camera by Ricoh. A compact new way to take paneramas that your advanced phone just can't do unless you have an app that can do that then this is utterly pointless.


Your Own Wall-E Called MiP

It doesn't talk but it makes sounds and gestures just like Wall-E and can be controller by your phone. It will entertain anyone even Wall-E.


TrakDot Luggage tracker

Probably one of the best little trackers out there. It fits inside any luggage/purse/bag etc... and uses cell service to let you know where it is and if it made the trip with you. Handy if your stuff gets stolen the thief won't even know its there if you hide it well.


Lie Flat Office Chair

Probably couldn't convince your company to buy these but you might be able to smuggle it into your office. Everyone knows you need a good 3PM nap forget those stupid energy nothign beats a nap.


Aeris Jetpack Scuba Bag

Okay it is NOT a JetPack, the Jet is for airplanes and it is a bag you can take on airplanes when you want to go scuba diving but don't want to bring all that annoying stuff. But you still need a tank so...there's that.


Professional SLR Lens for your Phone

Don't spend thousands of dollars on the newest Cannon or Nikon, You already have a more powerful device in your pocket now you just need this lens to make it epic.


Hidden Door Hinge

Now you can be like Adam West you just need to get a beethoven bust and some fire poles. But skip the robin cause it doesn't really do anything.


Key Holder w/ USB Built In

A great way to carry all your keys and that usb drive that is always getting in the way when you try and unlock the door. ..or is that just me, stupid USB drive I got in High School only 128MB...I mean buy this its awesome.


Eco Smart Water Heater (Tankless & Gasless)

There are a lot of tankless water heaters on the market but this one is electric and actually works. No gas means this can be used in any home where there is electricity (sorry Amish). 


Infinity Soap

How can an object that loses matter each use be infinite. Well it is kind of like Heisenberg's Uncerntainty Principle, actually wait no it is nothing like that...hang on let us ask Sheldon.


Hoodie Backpack

Don't need sleeves, but want the hoodie and a backpack. Then get this hoodie Backpack that will almost definitely become a product that is made fun of by your children. 


Digital Measuring Tape

The measuring tape just got more interesting...yep we siad it. This digital measuring tape gives you a precise readout of the tape. Pretty much buy this if you suck at reading a measuring tape.


J Pillow - Best Travel Pillow Ever

It looks weird, but it is actually very useful it can compact easily, and it accomodates all the important sleeping positions in those uncomfortable plane /train seats.


Butter Slicer

We really like butter, And a perfect slice of butter makes an ordinary piece of toast extraordinary. Okay its just butter but it is a nifty gadget.


Lumo Lift

Have bad posture? Like sitting on weird bouncy ball like things. Than just get this little device and BAM your posture is fixed. It's actually a little more complex than that but we thing our explanation is better.