Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Relaxman Capsule

It is as ridiculous as it looks, but man are the reviews on this thing hilarious. Personally we feel it looks like John Crichton's Module but we still think Rygel would want one as long as there was food in it.


Touchless Toilet

Considering the amount of germs in a bathroom it is amazing it has taken us this long to have a touchless toilet. Although you do still have to sit down, unless you prefer squatting.


DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot

The Roomba is probably more technically advanced with it's scanning but the DEEBOT has a canister that it automatically empties into after it finishes its cleaning. Which is pretty awesome in our opinion.


Shark Wheel

They reinvented the wheel, by removing more of it and twisting it slightly. Apparently there was some science behind it but from what we can tell they look like they wobble but they feel smooth to ride on.


Automatic Link

OBDII are very helpful and contain a lot of information the issue is the average person can't access it. Well with the Automatic Link you can. This connects to your OBDII and feeds your phone/pc with a wealth of information about your car.


Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles have been around for a while but for the most part have been far to expensive for the common consumer. While these are still expensive they are full blown night vision goggles and will make you feel like a cold war spy...now you just need your Agent 99.


iCade - Arcade Systems for iPad

Finally a cost effective way to get an arcade system in your home without trying to push it across a NYC street like frogger. All you need to play it is a really expensive mobile device, so yeah there is still that.


The Ostrich Pillow

We think it makes you look more like the Elephant Man than an ostrich but we see their point. This pillow is probably the most versatile pillow out there but you will look ridiculous wearing it...of course you won't be able to see so who cares.


Micro Quad Lantern

And we thought the quad lantern couldn't get any better, but we were wrong now you can get a mini version of it. Which means it probably doesn't light up an area as much so technically it is not better...but it is cooler.


The President's Desk

You're already the President of your own domain, why not have a desk that signifies that. This Replica Resolute desk will make anyone feel like the democratic equilavent of a king. 


NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

No more worrying about that other hand or finger when you are trying to dice carrots and watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey on Hulu. These gloves will save your fingers from annoying gashes, just don't forget to put them on otherwise you may be eating some very red carrots.


Neat Receipt Scanner

Most people just throw receipts and documents away. However they can be extremely important, with Neat Receipts you can now store all your receipts in the cloud prior to trashing them. 


Smart Ball by Adidas miCoach

Wearables are great but for sports that involve using a ball they aren't enough. Adidas has created a really expensive soccer ball that very few people need to solve this dilemma. Now you can tell just how powerful your kick is!


The Man's Apron

Real men BBQ and those men wear SWAT team aprons because...okay real men do a lot of stuff and don't always grill but give this to your father in-law and you will probably earn some brownie points.


3D Mouse

Animators and Graphic Designers rejoice. Now you can create beautiful 3D art and graphics even easier. This uniquely designed device allows modelers to have better control in their enviroments. Also it looks really cool.


Orbit Wheels

To Quote Chandler Bing 'Not Suitable for Adults', these awesome wheels are a new kind of skate that realyl is for the younger generation.