Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Miracle Fold

No they don't make one for fitted sheets (stupid impossible to fold sheets), however this was used by Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory so that is something.


Pacifier Thermometer

We have never tried to use a thermometer on a baby but we are guessing they don't like them, but they do like pacifiers so VOILA someone made a pacifier that is a thermometer. Boom problem solved!


Broom w/ Bristle Cleaner

Finally you no longer have to get all that hair and dust off the broom with your hands. Why did it take so long for someone to make this. 



Human beings the only animals that spent millions of years evolving to walk and then immediately began coming up with new ways not to. This is one of them, its a Segway without handles essentially.


Hibernate Sleep Mask

It is pretty basic but also very clever. On an airplane earplugs are pretty terrible (if you ever forgot to take them out before landing you know why) These little sleep mask is a great solution it can block out noise but is also comfortable.


Phone Soap

Our phones get pretty dirty, I mean we even take it into the bathroom with us when we do our business (we know you do too). Phone Soap charges and sanitizes your phone cause we know you are too lazy to clean it yourself.


Haunted Painting

The image doesn't give it justice just watch the video of it, it is pretty crazy, and clever, and awesome, and scary...we dare say its fantabulous.


Transbag: The Scooter Suitcase

At first you see this and think "hey that is pretty clever". Then you think "How fast can I get it to go on those flat escalators?". Us too...Us too.


Shark Ice Cubes

Dah Dum............Dah Dum......Dah Dum.....Dah Dum...Dah Dum,


Relaxman Capsule

It is as ridiculous as it looks, but man are the reviews on this thing hilarious. Personally we feel it looks like John Crichton's Module but we still think Rygel would want one as long as there was food in it.


Touchless Toilet

Considering the amount of germs in a bathroom it is amazing it has taken us this long to have a touchless toilet. Although you do still have to sit down, unless you prefer squatting.


DEEBOT 3D Vacuuming Robot

The Roomba is probably more technically advanced with it's scanning but the DEEBOT has a canister that it automatically empties into after it finishes its cleaning. Which is pretty awesome in our opinion.


Shark Wheel

They reinvented the wheel, by removing more of it and twisting it slightly. Apparently there was some science behind it but from what we can tell they look like they wobble but they feel smooth to ride on.


Automatic Link

OBDII are very helpful and contain a lot of information the issue is the average person can't access it. Well with the Automatic Link you can. This connects to your OBDII and feeds your phone/pc with a wealth of information about your car.


Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles have been around for a while but for the most part have been far to expensive for the common consumer. While these are still expensive they are full blown night vision goggles and will make you feel like a cold war spy...now you just need your Agent 99.


iCade - Arcade Systems for iPad

Finally a cost effective way to get an arcade system in your home without trying to push it across a NYC street like frogger. All you need to play it is a really expensive mobile device, so yeah there is still that.