Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

GPS Portable Tracker

Most small GPS trackers aren't really GPS they utilise wifi and bluetooth to be found by your phone. This small but powerful device tracks your location wherever you are, great to place in a suitcase and track it if it gets stolen.


X-Men: Magneto Helmet

Harness the power of Magneto...well actually you would just be stopping Professor Xavier's mind control but hey it's cooler than a tin foil hat.


Grill Daddy

Grills get really messy and cleaning them is pretty terrible. Enter Grill Daddy the perfect grill cleaner and it looks pretty awesome. 


Easy S'mores Maker

Now you can make S'mores from the comfort of your own kitchen. Simply combine the ingredients and put it in the microwave. 


Belly Belt Maternity Adapter

It expands your pants to allow for more room when you are pregnant, but we feel it could work well right after Thanksgiving dinner for anyone else.


Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

Pouring drinks is hard..."There has to be a better way!", If you haven't seen the Friends episode with Joey's infomercial go and do that now and this device will be that much better.


Portable Motion Sensor LED Light

It is pretty hard to find that light switch in the dark especially when it is in your closet. The OxyLED light is a great product that turns on when it detects motion! Yeah it is better than the clapper.


Klymit Lite Raft

"Hey Tommy quick playing with your dinghy!" Yeah this probably couldn't support Tommy Boy but it will support most everyone else, great for minimalist hikers and survival enthusiast.


Hard Drive Duplicator

Ever wondered how spies can download data from a hard drive in a matter of minutes, well this is why a hard drive duplicator. Not exactly spy size but it will copy up to 14 GB a minute.


Wireless Charging Station

There are a lot of different wireless charging stations out there but this one has an odd name and they put the entire product description in the title so they win...actually they just are very affordable. Not exactly wireless you have to attach a device to your phone first but after that no more


Pool Mattress

A really big inflatable mattress...yeah that is all we got...oh and the model is not included.


Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

Not really a scooter, more like a big fan that you just hang on to. In any case it is really cool, and takes the effort out of actually moving your arms to dive. Another point for inventions by laziness.


Sandisk iXpand

A way to transfer data easily without the need of the cloud or wires. Great way to free up space on the run or backup photos from your trip.


Enormous Slip N' Slide

Its 75 Feet of pure slippery fun, If you have the space and the water this is a great party product, especially for little kids...okay for college kids too, just don't drink and slide.


Tascam iPhone Recorder

This has been around for a few years, as indicated by its outdated connector, but for anyone who has work in the audio or film industry tascam recorders can be a life saver, and now you can get one for a very low price.


Echo by Amazon

Echo by Amazon, however you call it Alexa so go figure, is a new step in the connected home as now your home can be listening to you all the time...well atleast for the hotword anyway. But don't worry if your house already has an Alexa in it you can just call it Amazon.