Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Wake-Up Alarm Light

Do you hit snooze so many times your alarm stops going off? Than you need this! The Wake-Up Alarm Light simulates a sunrise to help wake you up gently and reduce grogginess.

Lifebox Battery Backup

Having a battery backup that can charge your phone is good. Having one that can jump start your car is even better. This is a must for everyone put it in your car for road trips or take it camping. No matter what you are doing this will come in handy.

Hydrogen Reactor

Brunton developed a personal Hydrogen reactor. While it is still a new product we can't help but applaud them for the idea. You can do anything with a Hydrogen Reactor

Leveraxe Splitting Axe

Science is awesome, a guy in Scandinavia developed an axe that utilizes leverage to split wood in a fraction of the time it takes a normal axe. There is a YouTube Video on it...it's crazy.

Wireless Weather Station

Always forget to check the weather before you leave. The Weather Station helps you prepare for the day, it automatically gets the current weather and lets you know. Place it anywhere in the house, no wires, no hassle.

Tactical Strike Balls

Need to storm a warehouse but don't have anything to distract your foes with? These Bright Strike tactical balls are easier to use and an effective way to distract your opponent.

Extreme Tactical Pen

This is a must for self defense. It is easy and lightweight to carry. Has a build in handcuff key and glass breaker. Plus if you don't need any of that, it is also a really cool looking pen!

Zip Knife

A very sharp X-Acto like knife that has a quick release snap. Great for any hiker, cut through ropes, wire and much more without ever opening your pack.

BBQ Pit Slow Cooker

Just when we though BBQ couldn't get better now you can just set it and forget it with Crock-Pot's new BBQ Pit. Great for small groups and casual gatherings, quality construction and delicious results.

Easy breath Snorkeling Mask

We didn't think you could improve snorkeling but these guys just did. A single piece system that allows you to focus more on what's in front of you and less on your equipment. Pricey but worth it.

Sand Free Beach Blanket

We have no idea how it works, but we are pretty sure it is witchcraft. Hate sand on your beach blanket that never comes out and gets all over you stuff. Then look no further than this to solve your problem, but you may need an incantation to get it working.

Dual Band Two-Way Radio

We don't know much in the way of radios but this can't be legal. It is military grade and from what we can tell it has no restrictions on what it can send and receive. Well made and a must for Doomsday survival, or the Zombie Apocalypse.

Zippo Hand Warmer

Stay warm all winter with this state of the art hand warmer. Not only does it look great but it is really effective. Keeps your hands warm for hours. Whether you are hunting, skiing or just working in an office without heat this will not disappoint.

2 Second Pop-Up Tent

Hate setting up a tent every time you go camping. Then this is perfect for you! Just unbind it and let it pop. Great for the overnight hiker and lazy camper.

Cane Flashlight and Taser

Still trying to figure out what to get Grandma for her birthday. Then look no further the Cane Taser...yes that is right. The Cane Taser packs a 1 million volt punch for any fool who thinks Granny is an easy target.

Tree Climbing/Self Defense Claws

Complete your ninja training by learning to scale a tree! These claws are sharp and will dig right into the bark for a perfect grip. They can also be used for self defense...or you know for aerating the lawn whatever.