Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Self Stirring Mug

All of us have thought man I just wish there was a way to stir my coffee/cocoa easier...Ok maybe not but this is still pretty cool albeit unnecessary.

BioLite Wood Burning Charger

This is just brilliant and it almost made the frozen category. It uses twigs and sticks to sustain the fire and will even ignite it using its own rechargeable battery. The fire will produce energy that can be used to charge devices.

Cupholder Tray

This was made for fast food and the driver who wants to eat his burger at 60 MPH. It inserts into your cupholder and will adjust to the height and placement necessary for you to eat and drive at the sametime.

Chain Saw Mill

IF you ever want to mill your own wood right in your backyard now you can. This attaches to your chainsaw and can cut large pieces of logs and trees into usable building material.

Fabric Shaver

Finally a product that can get rid of those pesky lint balls on your sweaters. This is easy to use, effective and will make your clothes look like new.

Car Bed

Ever tried to sleep in the back of a car. It's uncomfortable and it sucks. The inflatable car bed solves that problem and gives you a comfortable place to sleep in your tiny car.

Electric Dustpan

This awesome device will suck up any dirt and debris that you can sweep into it. Another mundane object that technology has improved.

Corn Stripper

Sounds dirty but it's not. But it is very handy if you need to remove the corn from the cob.

SpareOne Long Lasting Phone

This phone last a longtime and uses a AA battery to operate. It can call 911 without the need of a sim card. This is a perfect emergency phone for your car or disaster kit. Heck we even take it hiking with us just in case.

Folding BBQ Grill

We love tailgating but lugging that grill around sucks. With the folding grill tailgating has become so much easier and convenient. Good quality and just an awesome idea.

Travel Smart Iron

A full size iron is cool but a mini iron is cooler. Great if you're going somewhere that doesn't have an iron and you need to press your pants. Okay its cool but we can't even justify how you would really need this.

Parrot Drone

Okay we know its pricey but is also the best. This drone is easy to use and makes it feel like you are actually flying.

Swash At Home Dry-Cleaner

Need to clean and press your shirt before an interview? Don't have time to go to the Dry-Cleaner than this is the gadget for you. The Swash de-wrinkles and cleans clothing quickly with out the need for all the hassle.

Boon Glow

This gadget is very clever. Rechargeable balls of light that you can take with you off the lamp stand. Perfect for grabbing a snack from the kitchen or for a child to use the bathroom.

Boon Grass

Drying bottles and containers that can't be washed and dried in the dishwasher can be a pain. The Boon Grass makes it easy to dry these things and looks cool doing it.


This is fun for all ages, no pesky pellets or darts needed you can fight with just air or just be a nuisance to your coworker in the next cubicle.