Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

USB Aquarium

Break the loneliness of working in your cubicle, get a fish and now you don't need a huge tank to do it. The desktop aquarium is power by USB but we still don't know how you filter it...

Waterproof Notepad

Now when you get that million dollar idea during your shower you can write it down and it won't just wash away! Honestly though a lot of good ideas have come to us in the shower, like circular hot dogs.

Laser Keyboard

Just about the most science fiction thing we have seen. You can now create a keyboard on any surface. it uses light sensors to determine which key you are pressing and is compatible with all devices that allow keyboards.

Han Solo Carbonite Shower Curtain

Embrace your Star Wars geek and get naked every morning behind the Han Solo shower curtain...that really creates a horrible image we're sorry.

Magnetic Kitchen Towel

What took them so long! We have had magnets and towels for decades and they just thought of this. Shame on you world shame on you!

SureFeed Catfeeder

This links to your cats ID and auto dispense food to them. Unnecessary? Proabably. Cool? Definitely

Air Drumsticks

So much for saying you don't have room for a drumkit, now your kids or friends can drum anywhere they want...and trust us they will...everywhere...its cool and extremely annoying.

Darth Vader Force Glove

Freak out your friends, command the elements with this force glove. It can pull and repel objects (as long as the y are magnetic). Great gift for kids and Star Wars fans.

Bathtub Caddy

Spending hours taking a good soak just got even more pleasant. Drink your wine, read your book and enjoy the aroma coming from that scented candle as you just RELAX...

Staple-less Stapler

So pretty much what they are telling us is that we have been paying for staples for years for no reason!...stupid staple maker conspiracy.

Bamboo Keyboard

It's a keyboard made out of Bamboo, if that is not enough to make you want it than we don't know what will.

Solar Window Charger

Really useful on an airplane. Just stick it to the window and watch it charge your devices. So now you can play your games on really long plane flights without worry about needing a charger plug. Probably useful for other stuff too.

Power Pot

This just makes an item most campers need anyways better. It takes the heat from the boiling water and turns it into energy to charge your device. not as powerful as the BioLite but hey why not have both.


Yes it is as ridiculous as it looks, but it still really cool. Because few of us want to always lug a golf umbrella with us all the time this is compact, lightweight and serves the same purpose albeit it looks much weirder.

Collapsible Kettle

We love this one, it is simple yet handy. When you want to boil water on a camp out you have limited options if you don't want to bring a large pot. This is a perfect solution it folds into itself when not in use and can hold a good amount of liquid when expanded.

Retractable Fan

If you hate the look of those protruding blades of the fan you got from Home Depot than look no further now you can simply have a pendant lamp like look hanging from your ceiling when the fan is not in use.