Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Grip Cone

Absolutely love this product. Brilliant design and perfect for training and coaches. Nothing is worse than having a ball knock over a cone and having to jog to the other end of the pitch to fix it...stupid grip less cones.

Hanging Clothes Dryer

Really clever way to dry a wet shirt quickly, hangs in the closet and will dry and unwrinkle your wet clothes. Plus it just looks cool!

Moldy Sandwich Bag

Nobody likes going to let to find out someone ate there delicious turkey sandwich with a moist maker. This will deter anyone although they may also just throw it out...probably safer as a gag gift.

Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

The biggest drawback to going wireless is the stupid batteries, they always seem to die when you have no extras around. This pretty much eliminates that issue all together. No wires, no replaceable batteries, pure awesomeness.

Moldable Plastic

Similar to kinetic sand this can mold into any shape and won't stick to you. Great for creative children and bored adults. It will keep you entertained for a while.

Handheld Paper Shredder

Probably only useful in a handful of instances but for under 20 bucks it is still pretty cool. I mean you can just use your hands but this makes neat strips so yeah there is that.

3D Stereoscopic Pen

3D printers are so yesterday this will help you create 3D objects right out of thin air! We don't know how it all works only that it does and it is awesome!

Kinetic Sand

Sand that sticks to itself but not to you! This is fantastic we first saw it at Brookstone and played with it for like an hour. Kids and Adults will love this as a gift.

Washable Keyboard

We have all used those cans to get rid of the debris from the keyboard but this is soooo much better. make your keyboard look like new instantly with just some water, also get rid of those non-digital sticky keys.

USB Aquarium

Break the loneliness of working in your cubicle, get a fish and now you don't need a huge tank to do it. The desktop aquarium is power by USB but we still don't know how you filter it...

Waterproof Notepad

Now when you get that million dollar idea during your shower you can write it down and it won't just wash away! Honestly though a lot of good ideas have come to us in the shower, like circular hot dogs.

Laser Keyboard

Just about the most science fiction thing we have seen. You can now create a keyboard on any surface. it uses light sensors to determine which key you are pressing and is compatible with all devices that allow keyboards.

Han Solo Carbonite Shower Curtain

Embrace your Star Wars geek and get naked every morning behind the Han Solo shower curtain...that really creates a horrible image we're sorry.

Magnetic Kitchen Towel

What took them so long! We have had magnets and towels for decades and they just thought of this. Shame on you world shame on you!

SureFeed Catfeeder

This links to your cats ID and auto dispense food to them. Unnecessary? Proabably. Cool? Definitely

Air Drumsticks

So much for saying you don't have room for a drumkit, now your kids or friends can drum anywhere they want...and trust us they will...everywhere...its cool and extremely annoying.