Dude I Need This Recently Added Items

Inflatable 35 Foot Long Obstacle Course

Completely unnecessary but honestly we thought it would cost a lot more for something this big and awesome. The problem is where to store it when not in use.


Leap Motion Virtual Device

This uses advanced technology to similuate your gestures into precise movements on screen. Very cool device we are pretty sure it was invented by gnomes, or the keebler elves.


Faucet Temperature Gauge

Any parent who gives their kids baths knows the importance of getting the water temperature right. The hand test is great but not always accurate. With this little device you can be sure the water is perfect everytime.


Executive Car Desk

If commuting by car is a good part of your daily routine than this is a must. It is a power inverter/phone holder/laptop holder/filing cabinet all in one. It takes the place of your passenger and it will never complain about the radio station.


Bed Fan w/ Wireless Remote

Getting to hot under those sheets? Luckily somone invented a very onscure device just to solve this problem. A fan that shoots air under your sheets, just turn it on by the push of a very large button.


Prop Money

Make it rain! Or make your friends think you are loaded with this stack of prop $100 dollar bills. Look rich without even trying.


Periscope Lazy Glasses

Read while lying down without ever picking up your head. Perfect for the ultimate slacker. You can even use it to watch movies on your phone! No more neck aches!


Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

Watch it from your pool, Watch it from your deck, Watch it here, Watch it there, Watch it anywhere. Because it is 12ft tall and is insanely awesome 


Sentry Personal Gaming Environment

Finally take your favorite consoles with you anywhere you want. Perfect for airport layovers and downtime between classes. 


Ginormous TV

Its over 8 feet wide. Bigger than my current kitchen. It's curved, 4k and just awesome.

Nest Protect Smoke Detector

Things just got real. Nest can now replace those boring smoke detectors. Also no more trying to figure out which detector is beeping in the middle of the night.

Nest Generation 2

The have worked out the bugs and made it better. Now is the best time to get in on the smart house revolution. Plus it is cool.

Thermal Leak Detector

Great for determining the temperature of objects at a distance. We measured our dog at a healthy 95.2 degrees.

Gold Knife by M-Tech

You can't be the man with the golden gun, but you can be the man with the golden knife. But it's not really gold sorry.

Thorfire Accordion Lantern

It doesn't play music but it can still light up a room. Although it would be awesome if it could play some polka.

EasyGo Pro

Finally pooping done right, and here we thought the toilet routine couldn't be improved. Squatting is the new way to go literally